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Hop Harvest Day and Beer Botanicals

On Thursday 17 November,Hop Harvest Day comes to Archea, your favourite cosy friendly pub in Florence.

We will be enjoying together Brouwerij De Ranke's, Hop Harvest 2022, the legendary Belgian brewery's wet hop which, as Archeosophists well know, we are always happy to host.

The peculiarity of wet hop beers is that they are not made with dried hops, but freshly picked ones. Thanks to this process, De Ranke's Hop Harvest is rich in aromas: fresh, floral, herbaceous with a bitterness that is not excessive but present, long and elegant.
Another peculiarity of using fresh hops is the total dependence on the quality and quantity of the harvest, resulting in less control over the end result, which often leads to more or less noticeable differences in the same beer year after year.
This is the reason for the brewery's tradition of premiering its wet hop in selected pubs, every year on the third Thursday of November: Hop Harvest Day!

On Thursday, November 17, we will then be able to enjoy the 2022 version, will it be the best Hop Harvest ever brewed?
One thing we know for sure: it has never disappointed us.

Alongside the fresh hop experience, we present a small selection of beers with peculiar botanicals :

We will be waiting for you as always from 6pm, and if you want to know what else is on tap, find our constantly updated tap list HERE 💖