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Oktoberfest in Florence? Archeaberfest is even better

Oktoberfest in Florence?
No, much better: Archeaberfest.

On Friday 14 October 2022, in the warm dimness of Archea, we will celebrate autumn with the fantastic productions of Brauerei Knoblach, the iconic family-run Franconian brewery.
We start at 6pm with Stammberg, Knoblach's Bock, on tap. During the evening we will open the casks of Helles, Marzen and Lager.
Needless to say, we will see the return of the infamous frankfurter sandwiches that have satisfied archeosophists for years.

Of course, along with the distinguished Teutonic guests you will always find our beers on tap, CLICK/TAP HERE for the constantly updated tap list!

We would like to point out that this event has nothing to do with Oktoberfest.
You will in fact notice that Oktoberfest (or Wiesn) was held a month ago in Germany, not Florence, and that the only thing in common between the words Archeaberfest and Oktoberfest is the suffix 'berfest', which is very generic and resembles 'bergfest' = 'solid as a rock'. As solid as our arguments for the total uniqueness ofArcheaberfest.

The malicious will argue that during both Archeaberfest and the lesser-known Oktoberfest one can enjoy excellent German beer, pretzels and delicious frankfurter sandwiches while listening to pleasant German-language tunes.
To these naysayers, let us point out that Archeaberfest does not involve the presence of bosomy waitresses.

Here's the Facebook event, so you can invite all your BFFs: CLIC/TAP

Sandals with tube socks appreciated. See you on Friday!